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WWII Imperial Japanese Army Aircraft Photos

Ki-15 or C5M Type 97 Command Reconnaissance (Babs)

Ki15-1.jpg (30K) Ki15-2.jpg (24K) Ki15-Babs-CommandReconAircraft-3.jpg (33K) Ki15-4.jpg (33K) Ki15-5.jpg (61K)

Ki15-C5M-1.jpg (35K) Ki15-C5M2-2.jpg (39K) Ki15-6.jpg (25K) Ki15-8.jpg (17K) Ki15-9.jpg (23K)

Ki15-10.jpg (22K) Ki15-II-11.jpg (36K) Ki15-C5M1-4.jpg (36K) Ki-15-12.jpg (28K) Ki-15-12a.jpg (56K)

Ki-15-13.jpg (21K) Ki15-C5M-14.jpg (59K)

Thanks to Mashahiro Washio for help in correctly identifying some Ki-15,Ki-30, and Ki-51 aircraft photos. I did not exactly have them all right the first time.

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