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WWII Imperial Japanese Army Aircraft Photos

Ki-67 Type 4 Hiryu Flying Dragon (Peggy) - Page 4

Ki-67-59.jpg (12K) Ki-67-60.jpg (26K) Ki-67-61.jpg (26K) Ki-67-62.jpg (18K) Ki-67-15.jpg (39K)

Ki-67-64.jpg (17K) Ki-67-65.jpg (37K) Ki-67-66.jpg (20K) Ki-67-22.jpg (18K) Ki-67-38.jpg (53K)

Ki-67 Type 4 Hiryu Flying Dragon (Peggy) - Special Attack Version

Ki-67-SA-1.jpg (27K) Ki-67-SA-2.jpg (18K) Ki-67-SA-3.jpg (42K) Ki67-Special-Attack-FugakuSquadron-ClarkField-Luzon-Philippines1945-4.jpg (45K)

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